Currency Conversion Re-Invented! combines real-time multiple forex currencies with intelligent insights. exists to provide more than just currency conversion, delivering accurate forex rates coupled with dynamic insights. Our service allows a simple, fast and customisable look at forex currencies, offering trending articles, market data and professional opinions. No more drop downs, no more clicking individual currencies, just straight forward mobile friendly multiple forex currencies.

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Fx Info


  1. #1 Base Rate

    This is the base currency, enter an amount here to see the corresponding amount in any of the below currencies. You can easily change the base currency by clicking on the icon in any other currency.

  2. #2 Base Amount

    You can enter any amount in here and the other currencies will automatically display the convert amount!

  3. #3 Other Currencies

    These currencies display how much they are worth in comparison with the amount entered in the base currency.

  4. #4 Currency Amount

    You can enter an amount here to convert all the other currencies!

  5. #5 Set New Base Currency

    You can press any icon to make that the base currency.

  6. #6 Filtering

    You can filter the currencies by entering the country, currency name / symbol or currency code e.g. 'dollar'.

  7. #7 Sorting

    You can sort the currencies by various options to help you work out the best rates.

  8. #8 Reset

    Finally, you can reset everything to the way it was to clear amount, filters and sorting.